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Under the nourishing South African sun, a new wonder of the world was born: home-grown supergrain Oats, with superior quality, nutritional benefits and a uniquely earthy taste.

When was the last time you got inspired to get creative in your kitchen? The amazing thing about our delicious range of Cereals and other treats is that they don’t have to end up in your Cereal bowl or be eaten as they come.

From crunchy bites and baked delights to getting artistic with Oats – you’re going to love the many ways you can share the goodness of Jungle with your family.

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A Legacy of Goodness

For 98 years, we’ve fuelled South African families and their journeys to greatness with the natural goodness of wholesome, wholegrain rolled Oats. We’ve been a part of the most important meal of the day since 1920, when the first Tiger Oatery was built.

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